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Funniest Santa Claus Stories Ever Told

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For the past twenty-five years, Kevin Neary has lived a double life. He even went as far as wearing a disguise and altering his appearance. Yes, it is true that during this time, he played the role of Santa Claus for a local department store.

The Funniest Santa Claus Stories Ever Told, Neary describes his experiences working as Santa and the interactions with the clever children he encountered. Some of the many hilarious topics he discusses include:

  • Why Santa never introduces new reindeer to his crew.
  • How Santa can enter the home when it has no chimney.
  • Whether Santa’s sleigh has safety belts.
  • How long Santa and Mrs. Claus have been married.
  • And many others!

The perfect Christmas gift, Neary’s delightful tales are bound to get you feeling the holiday spirit!

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